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Addictive Games Online - Fun Free Flash Games

Addictive Games Online has fun free Flash games for you to play. At Addictive Games Online, the list of addictive online Flash games is always increasing, so sign up and become a member to play these addicting Flash games, receive high scores, and send suggestions to the webmaster to improve this free and cool Flash website. Play Free Addicting Online Games Now!

Recently, at Addictive Games Online we have been adding some new free flash games like Bubble Trouble 2, and Motorbike Games; and game categories including Flash Mario Games, Dress Up Games, Sonic Games and more. We are continually trying to source the best free online Flash games to keep you entertained! Register!

Arcade Town Games
School of Sword I
School of Sword I
Not yet rated
Protect the school from the hidden evil by connecting to the Alchemist guard.
(Played: 8,000)
Tower Defence Games
Defend Your Castle
Defend Your Castle
Defend the castle from the intruders. Play Defend your Castle for free at Add...
(Played: 16,164)
Sonic Games
Sonic Trip
Sonic Trip
Not yet rated
Play Sonic Trip for free at Addictive Games Online. A platform game using cha...
(Played: 10,722)
Motorbike Games
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Not yet rated
Bike flash game where you get to bike in the mountains.
(Played: 28,695)
Car Racing Games
18 Wheeler
18 Wheeler
Play 18 Wheeler for free at Addictive Games Online.
(Played: 20,016)
Miniclip Games
3 Foot Ninja II
3 Foot Ninja II
Not yet rated
Play 3 Foot Ninja II for free at Addictive Games Online. The miniclip game 3 ...
(Played: 7,410)
Action Games
Anti Terrorist Department
Anti Terrorist Department
Fight terrorists In this unique side scrolling fighting game.
(Played: 3,408)
High Score Games
The Wire
The Wire
Get the birds off of your wire.
(Played: 3,060)
Online Multiplayer Games
Bubble Trouble 2
Bubble Trouble 2
Bubble Trouble 2 is a fun Flash game at Addictive Games Online. The objective...
(Played: 574,349)
Sports Games
Not yet rated
Choose to have a freekick against a world cup team
(Played: 2,843)
Card Games
Play the free online card game Solitaire on Addictive Games Online.
(Played: 18,907)
Board Games
Connect 4
Connect 4
Not yet rated
Insert coin into the column and try to connect 4 pieces either horizontally, ...
(Played: 4,687)
Dress Up Games
Wacky Faces
Wacky Faces
Play Wacky Faces for free at Addictive Games Online. In this Dress Up type ga...
(Played: 7,973)
Free Online Casino Games
Spin to Win Pokie Machine
Spin to Win Pokie Machine
Not yet rated
Play the free online game Spin to Win Pokie Machine. A Single reel slot machine.
(Played: 3,691)
Shooting Games
maus Force Attack
maus Force Attack
An aircraft shooting game with nice graphic and sound!
(Played: 1,814)
Simpsons Games
Los Simpsons
Los Simpsons
Hit anyone that comes into the screen. Test for yourself which character is m...
(Played: 22,955)
Mario Games
Super Mario Time Attack Remix
Super Mario Time Attack Remix
Princess Peach is kipnaped, and Mario is entrust to free her from the kipnapper.
(Played: 10,645)
XGen Studios Games
Stick Arena Lite
Stick Arena Lite
Play Stick Arena Lite for free at Addictive Games Online.
(Played: 16,197)
Max Games
Age Of War
Age Of War
Play Age Of War for free at Addictive Games Online. Age of War is a game wher...
(Played: 21,339)
BubbleBox Games
Raft Wars
Raft Wars
Play Raft Wars a BubbleBox game for free at Addictive Games Online.
(Played: 20,256)
Armor Games
Doodle Defender
Doodle Defender
Play Doodle Defender a game made by Armor Games for free at Addictive Games O...
(Played: 8,012)
Bubble Trouble 2 Back Online (25 March 2009)
Following several reports made by members of Addictive Games Online, we have recently repaired the game page for Bubble Trouble 2. Unfortunately the page was subject to some downtime, since it was accidentally deleted in an attempt to remove an obscene comment made on the page.

The good news is that the game page for Bubble Trouble 2 is back online now for everyone to enjoy. As a result of this incident, comments on game pages have been disabled for Guests, and available for website members only. Any member caught using profanity, or abusive language towards others will be dealt with accordingly.

Finally, we wish to extend our apologies to all fans of Bubble Trouble 2 for any inconvenience we may have caused you, after all, 1,600 happy players enjoy this game at Addictive Games Online, every day. We also wish to thank the loyal members who reported the broken link for us to fix. So carry on, and happy gaming!
1. Roboxer (6,879 times)
2. Sonic Extreme 2 (9,666 times)
3. Paper Mario World (8,672 times)
4. Super Mario Flash (11,203 times)
5. School of Sword I (8,000 times)
6. Armed Invasion (9,020 times)
Most Popular
1. Bubble Trouble 2 (574,349 times)
2. Bubble Struggle 2 Rebubbled (407,513 times)
3. Feudalism 2 (77,391 times)
4. Dare Devil (73,269 times)
5. Dirt Bike 4 (60,991 times)
6. Dare Devil 2 (58,234 times)
7. Dirt Bike 2 (57,224 times)
8. Motocross Champions (56,028 times)
9. Police Bike (46,373 times)
10. Playing With Fire 2 (37,848 times)
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